6 Halal Diners In Akihabara

6 Halal Diners In Akihabara

Akihabara is one of the goals of remote visitors to Japan, how it isn’t, Akihabara is a heaven of anime and electronic gadgets. Numerous outside voyagers, including Indonesia who visited here to look for anime, manga, and such. Obviously, going around Akihabara to chase for trinkets you’ll certainly be depleting. At the point when you feel tired, what other place is your objective, if not eating a flavorful supper and extinguish your thirst with a crisp beverage. Here are some halal diners in Akihabara.

Akihabara gives a wide range of and remarkable cafés and diners, however for those of you who are searching for halal nourishment in an amusement zone like Akihabara, you may think that its somewhat troublesome. In this way, for travelers who are Muslim or for the individuals who need to eat halal nourishment, 6 spots to eat in Akihabara that have been affirmed halal, must be visited.

1. Akiba Doner Kebab

Akiba Doner Kebab
Akiba Doner Kebab

This slow down serves kebab. This shop likewise gives takeaway as it were. As we probably am aware, kebab is a common Middle Eastern culinary, and this shop serves kebabs that have been guaranteed in Halal.

Here, you can attempt an assortment of kebab variations going from the kebab you frequently find as a rule, to kebab in plastic cups, and rice kebab.

2. CoCo Ichibanya

Worked in 1987, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya Halal Akihabara which is additionally regularly abridged as “CoCoIchi” is a café in Akihabara that sells curry. Here, different sorts of halal curry are sold. You can pick your own zesty level just as fixings as a supplement to the curry you requested.

A few nourishments are well known here, for example, Sasami Katsu Curry and Chicken Katsu Curry which can both be acquired distinctly for 950 yen.

3. The Sultan

The Sultan
The Sultan

This café sells Indian and Pakistani claims to fame where you can get a curry presented with naan, biryani, just as other Indian and Pakistani strengths. Here you can attempt different kinds of curry, from fish, goat, and chicken. The value go for the Curry menu is 680 to 1.400 yen.

In the interim, a lot of Biryani rice is made up to 1.000 yen with chicken or goat variations and plates of mixed greens or raita. The Sultan of Akihabara is situated between Ueno Station and Akihabara station.

4. Veg Kitchen

As the name proposes, Veg Kitchen is a café that conveys veggie lover cooking where you can appreciate without meat food. Along these lines, this area is the ideal area for you who are searching for halal nourishment or for you who are veggie lovers.

Veg Kitchen serves North Indian specialities just as South Indian waterways which are additionally served by curry.

Every supper is uncommon and can be tweaked by every individual’s desires. The value extend is around 750 yen.

5. Chicken-YA


Ayam-YA which likewise has another name “Torisoba Ayam-YA” is an eatery that serves torisoba or chicken soba. This area serves chicken ramen which is wealthy in tasty chicken soup. One of the most loved menu is Tori Ramen which can be acquired for 850 yen.

You can likewise pick the variation tastes, similar to soy sauce, or salt. Remember to request the expansion of bubbled eggs, and furthermore pick the sort of sauce you need like a mellow or thicker sauce.

6. The Panga Yakiniku

This eatery serves Yakiniku as Wagyu meat that has been affirmed halal. This eatery will serve you excellent meat and delightful.

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The area is additionally celebrated at its cost Wagyunya hamburger which can be progressively moderate for pockets. Here, you can taste Japanese Black Wagyu which for the most part has a genuinely costly cost, however you can get a progressively sensible cost.