Do You Need Extra Baggage?

While traveling somewhere, sometimes you need extra baggage for your flights. Many people have problems with baggage especially for going home. Usually, they come with more 1 baggage to keep their gift for their family members and so on.

For you who want to travel by air transportation, you can check first whether they provide extra baggage or not. Some of the flight companies provide extra baggage if you would like to use, like AirAsia. It makes you easier to bring more baggage in your flight schedule.

Gotta Know First about the Baggage You Can Bring With

Before going to confirmation about the extra baggage, you have to know first about allowances of luggage you can carry on. The AirAsia flight company allows each passenger to carry on one personal item, briefcase or purse, and one bag. the outer garments and assistive devices are not included in personal items.

All the luggage you bring with should fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. Besides, they have certain requirements toward the maximum dimension and weight of the luggage you can carry on.

The maximum luggage dimension you can bring is length 22 in or 56 cm x width 14 in or 36 cm x height 9 in or 23 cm. with the maximum weight is 7 kg or 15 lb. If you would like to bring extra weight, you need to pay more for extra baggage.

How Can You Get Baggage Information?

Well, every flight company has its own rules and regulations toward the luggage you can bring with start from the dimensional until the weight. You have to find about it more to ensure you need extra baggage or not.

Most of the flight companies provide the baggage information on their official website. You can find this kind of information and ensure that the information is valid. To check whether it is valid or not, better you visit their official website. Then, you should find the baggage information for the flight company you take.

What about Extra Baggage?

While seeing the baggage information in their site, you will find the information about taking the extra baggage too. The AirAsia flight company offers you oversize or overweight baggage fees.

It means, if you need extra baggage to bring your entire luggage, you need to pay the additional fees for it. The fees are not using certain currency but it is used the local one. You need to notice that the first 15 kg also different rate of additional kg has extra flat rate charged.

If you would like to save up the fees charged for the extra baggage, it will be better to take pre-booking baggage online. You can take extra baggage while booking your ticket from online. If you have booked the ticket, you can process it via Manage My Booking in their official AirAsia flight company website.

There will be two options for you to add extra baggage. First is Upsize which allows you to add an extra 5 kg. Second is Supersize which allows you to add extra up to 30 kg. Obviously, both options offer different additional fees you need to pay.

If you would like to save up your money up to 50% charges, it will be better if you take the extra baggage four or more hours before your scheduled departure. It means your luggage is sent to the destination earlier before you.

Remember that if you have pre-booked baggage and actually you don’t need them because your luggage is normal weight or dimension, the fees you have paid before are non-refundable. Thus, you need to make sure first about your carry-on luggage needs extra baggage or not.