The Best Way for Thai Vietjet Booking

Are you planning to travel on plane from Thailand but unfortunately you are in a tight budget? Then, Thai Vietjet booking may be one of the obvious choices. This low-cost airline is based at Bangkok’s Survanbhumi International Airport. Not only do they offer domestic flights, but they also offer international flights to number destinations throughout Taiwan, India, and Vietnam. There are many ways to book airline tickets, but which method is best for cheap bookings?

How Should You Book Your Thai Vietjet Ticket

  1. Use travel agents

When booking flights, travel agents are not getting any commission. Many travel consultants will not book an airline ticket unless you specifically ask for it, and usually, it has been in the travel package. Also, certain travel agents will ask for an additional service fee for the tickets.

Some airfares that include multi-airline flights can sometimes really complicated to manage despite you are planning to fly with a budget airline, such as Thai Vietjet. Thus, leave everything to the professional to get the job done.

Why rely on travel agencies? Here’s why: They have reliable information for competitive airfares which may not be available online. However, be advised that some of those airfares are usually subject to considerable restrictions.

  1. Use online travel agencies

Another alternative to do Thai Vietjet booking is through online travel agencies. Many online travel aggregator websites display the majority of available flights at competitive rates. Even they often have special offers and promo, especially during the peak holiday season. This makes you able to book flight tickets at the best price, even for airlines that are popularly known as budget airlines.

Using online agencies to book flights allows you to compare which airlines have the most convenient routes and which one that comes with cheap tickets. Furthermore, if some unexpected occurrences happen, you simply need to contact the agency.

Reliable online travel agencies will always provide an immediate response to customers who unfortunately experience issues from changing a booked flight to getting your money back should you want to cancel your flight ticket.

By far, online agencies are reliable research instruments since they allow you to look for the best possible airfare and book the flight anytime and anywhere. The drawback of these websites is that not all airlines, pricing combinations, or even every efficient route will be displayed. If you want to buy via trusted online agencies, click here.

Most online agencies might only display airfares from the airlines that are partnered with them. Therefore, if you plan to book Thai Vietjet Air online, be sure to choose the aggregator website that partnered with the said airline.

  1. Book a flight directly

Just like the majority of airlines, Thai Vietjet Air will also happily offer you a special deal either by phone or through their official platforms. If you opt for this option, you probably will miss the chance to compare the fare with another airline.

There may also be an additional fee if you book a flight by phone and some airlines may charge a higher rate compared to the one you can find through an online agent. However, booking tickets directly also comes with a number of interesting benefits you won’t find when you book online.

The benefits include the flexibility in customizing your ticket price with some items such as get a seat that you have reserved previously and purchase Wi-Fi packages in advance. Most airlines, including Thai Vietjet sometimes also offer a mileage benefit to those who perform direct booking.

Another plus point of performing direct Thai Vietjet booking is that you do not have to call a travel agent for help should there be any issues. If you plan to change your flight, you simply need to call the airline since you are directly working with them. Also, you are bound by the changing policy of the said airline.

  1. Opaque booking

“Opaque” is another term for “not transparent.” So, opaque booking refers to those obscure travel websites because the actual price, airline, as well as the exact route they display, is either partly or even entirely concealed until you make payment.

There have been many sites that allow the customers to bid for a flight and they usually offer 20 to 40 discounts on some specific routes. In exchange, the customers will have to give in some major benefits, such as the ability to determine the exact time of departure.

If you book a flight with Thai Vietjet through these obscure websites, you will also miss the ability to book a seat, changing a ticket, or even knowing the exact routing. These opaque travel websites are not a great option for frequent travelers.

However, these types of flight booking sites are an excellent choice for recreational travelers who are often more than willing to fly without having a specific flight schedule. Just like the majority of airlines, Thai Vietjet might also charge extra for last-minute purchased tickets. If you are on a tight schedule and budget, this Thai Vietjet booking method is not your best option. But again, each method has its own advantages and drawbacks, so pick one that fits your need the most.