Wanna Get Cheap Flight Tickets?

While planning to go to cross country or cross city by using the airline, you should know about how to get the best deal for the ticket. It is not a big secret to know about getting the cheapest ticket. You just have to understand more about the rules of airlines.

Tips to Get AirAsia Cheap Flight Tickets

As if you would like to take AirAsia flight, you can get a chance to get AirAsia cheapest flight if you follow these tips. The tips are:

  1. Buy airline tickets earlier

If you usually buy the ticket for 3 or 4 days before scheduled departure, you may get a pricey ticket. You need to understand that buying the ticket at the right time will make you get cheap ticket as what you need.

If you need to get the AirAsia cheapest flight, you can buy the ticket 8 weeks before d-day. There are many flight companies that use an 8-week rule to get the best timing and the best price ever! It is for you who want to go on a workday. It means you don’t go in the holiday season.

While you are planning to go in the holiday season, it will be so much better if you buy the ticket 12 weeks before d-day. You will get the best price even if you go in the holiday season.

  1. Flexible with the flight dates

Key to get the cheap flight is the chosen day of the days and times. Remember that the cheapest price of the airline ticket is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Besides the day, the timing also can be the problem with your ticket prices. If you would like to get the cheaper range price, take the midday flight timings around 2 to 6 pm.

You can plan your schedule with the combination of right days and timings to get the cheapest ticket as what you need. Bear in mind that doesn’t expect that the flight company will offer you the cheap ticket during long weekends.

  1. Buy tickets from its official website

The other tips to get AirAsia cheapest flight, you can find and buy the tickets from its official websites. Note that using the travel search engine to book the ticket will not make you save your money.

Just visit their official websites and you can get often the exclusive tickets which you can get them in the travel search engines. Then, try to compare rates fares for one and two passengers. Some flight companies offer the special price for two passengers.

Another tip for you is avoiding the traditional agencies. Even though they give easier planning to travel to a certain destination, it is not cheap at all. Normally, the flight company offers cheap fares for travel agencies but the agencies are not giving you the best deal ever!

  1. Use private mode or clear your browser cookies and cache

While you are searching for the flight tickets, you will use the browser for it. To avoid getting the high price, there are two tips for you. First is the simplest ways. You can use the private mode while searching for the flight tickets.

Second, is by clearing the browser cookies and cache. Why? By using one of both tips, you can get cheap price. Note that the flight company is automatically giving a higher price while they know you are comparing the ticket flights with the other flight companies.

  1. Don’t fly to a direct destination

Of course, your destination is so important. However, you should note that if you are going to the popular destination, you will never get the cheap price during peak periods.

Although the direct flight route is fastest, if you wanna get the cheap price, a slightly longer journey is worth to do to get wallet friendly. Thus, you can try to find the transit flight and see the different airfares you need to pay. It is so much worth to try even gets the longer journey.

Those are the tips for you to get the AirAsia cheapest flight. If you would like to get them, just follow these tips and you will be able to get one or two cheaper flight tickets.